Our leader

Marie Mortimer - Managing Director loans.com.au

Marie believes that every action in an organisation will ultimately impact the customer. She knows the importance of listening, understanding your needs and delivering on our promise to you. She has implemented positive change and managed significant projects to support some of the largest international and local banking and financial services brands.

Marie has drawn on this experience and worked with her industry-leading management team in the development of loans.com.au. Marie's passion is for making the customer experience positive through technological innovation and pro-active customer service. Her aim is to make choosing and acquiring a home loan as straight forward as possible at a time when Australians are making one of the most important financial commitments of their life.

Through loans.com.au, Marie wants to help Australians achieve their dreams sooner by bringing back real competition and innovation to the mortgage industry. Her unique background, experience and knowledge in the banking industry, business analytics, property economics and personal finance matters drives her to bring new solutions to Australian mortgage borrowers. Marie's commitment to you is that loans.com.au will lead the industry in terms of price, features and personal service and attention to you.


Our people

loans.com.au is staffed by a team of people who love their jobs, and this translates to attention to detail and service with a smile. Our team comes from a diverse background across Finance and IT to bring our customers the best in technological ingenuity and product innovation. There are generations of experience within our ranks, which keeps us on top of lending in Australia and helps our customers save money.


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