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How to Clean Up Your Garage this Weekend

How to Clean Up Your Garage this Weekend

There’s more to a garage than just a space for your car (or cars). In most cases, it also becomes a place where you store all sorts of items including your toolbox for repair and maintenance jobs, or even your materials for your DIY projects. Take advantage of your free time during weekends to declutter and manage your garage storage so it will look clean and organised.

Planning to clean up your garage this weekend? We’ve got you covered. Here are several declutter and storage tips: 

  • Sort all of your stuff. Divide all of the items in your garage into three groups: things that you need, things that you can donate, and those that are garbage. The key is to be honest with yourself. As for the donation pile, you’re helping others plus you can declutter. It’s a win-win situation.
  • Use plastic storage containers. Cardboard boxes are prone to insect infestation, so buy plastic garage storage containers instead. It’s better if you use the transparent ones so you’d know what the contents are before pulling them out of the garage. You can also put labels properly and stack them all up.  Put the most commonly used containers in the most accessible area.
  • Set up areas for specific tasks or projects. Once you’ve sorted out all of your stuff, you can further divide the items that you still need into smaller groups, based on where they are usually used. For instance, you can set up areas for tasks such as sports, camping, fishing, holiday decor, gardening, arts and crafts, car repair and maintenance, etc. 
  • Create a peg board. If you need more space, put up a peg board where you can easily put away various tools after use. It keeps the area clean and organised. It’s also a great gift idea for your father, husband or brother who loves tinkering and working on different projects.
  • Clean it up. Once you’ve placed everything in its rightful place, sweep the floor to remove clutter and dust. You’ll realise that it’s easier to keep the area clean when you have proper garage storage.
  • Seek help from a friend or family member. If you think cleaning and organising your garage is too much for you, ask someone to help you. This ensures that the job will be done faster. It can also be a bonding moment for the family that’s looking forward to a productive weekend.
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