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9 Most Popular Amenities in New Apartments

9 Most Popular Amenities in New Apartments

If you want to attract and retain a certain type of renter, you will need to ensure that your apartment contains the right amenities. Here are 9 of the most popular apartment amenities in new apartments.

1: Wooden Flooring

Not only are wooden floors sharp, simple and modern they eliminate the need to buy a vacuum because they are so easy to clean.

2: Washer and Dryer

Lugging your laundry out to the dry cleaners is not ideal. Having a washer and dryer will definitely get your property on a renter’s shortlist.

3: USB Port Charging Outlets

In our ever expanding technological world, USB ports have become increasingly important. The majority of apartment buildings are not equipped with them, so get one step ahead of the game and have some fitted.

4: Walk in Closets

This is a big attraction, especially for millennial men and women who spend so much of their time shopping for new clothes.

5: Bike Racks

Biking has become a popular mode of transportation; a lot of young people without families are choosing to buy bikes instead of cars for several reasons. They are cheaper and environmentally friendly. Renters don’t want a bike taking up space in their modern looking apartment; they would rather have a safe place where they can store it.

6: Wifi/Fibre Internet Availability

Don’t expect to rent out your apartment if your tenants can’t get online. Not only do renters want to be able to get online, they are expecting super fast access with fibre internet. This is a very attractive amenity to have in your apartment.

7: Electric Car Charging Stations

People are becoming a lot more environmentally conscious and opting to purchase cars that are powered by electricity as opposed to petrol. If you are going to buy apartments, think about purchasing one with an electric car charging station. 

8: Valet Trash Service

Who wants to have to walk to the dumpster? No one! There is nothing more convenient than valet trash service.

9: A Nice Outdoor Area

A comfortable outdoor area is very attractive to potential tenants. Invest in some furniture, a fire pit, and you can also use rooftop space for great views.

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