Should you renovate or buy a new home?

As a homeowner, there are various considerations to mull over when the time comes to improve your home.

From your mortgage rate to the amount of spare time you've got available, it takes some careful planning when you want to improve your living situation

Choosing a great mortgage and a great home

There's a lot of emphasis on obtaining a competitive home loan interest rate and a mortgage that offers all the features you need.

However, don't be daunted by the process - it's an important step in your financial future, whether you're buying a second home, taking out a mortgage refinance or looking to invest in property.

Along with finding a great mortgage, it's also important to find a great home so your repayments are going toward a property that you're proud of.

There's no point obtaining a stellar home loan deal if you're buying in an area that's lacking in facilities or transport options, to name a few factors worth considering.

Apartment living in inner Brisbane soars in popularity

With Australia's cash rate remaining low, existing homeowners continue to access cheap home loans in order to refinance and upgrade to new properties.

In Brisbane, there is a growing trend for off the plan apartment purchases, with one firm calling the city's property market one to watch this year.

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