Quick DIY jobs to add value to your home

Are you thinking of selling, or just want to give your home a freshen up? There are a handful of jobs you can do yourself that will make an instant difference and could add thousands to your sale price.

The front yard

Don’t underestimate the importance of first impressions to a potential buyer. If the front of the property has lawn, keep it mowed and edges trimmed. If it’s looking really tired, a bag of grass seed and a good soaking will go a long way. Make sure garden beds are weeded, think about putting in some edging plants to define the space, and mulch, mulch, mulch. Clean the driveway and path with a pressure cleaner to remove stains. Paint, or replace, the mailbox.

The back yard

Done well, even a small back yard provides extra living area. Add pot plants and an outdoor setting to create a courtyard and screen any unsightly areas, like an ugly fence or the compost bins, with thatch panels. And, as with the front yard, weed, seed, feed, water, and mow the grass, and clean the path. Lop unruly trees into shape and don’t forget to remove the clippings.


Nothing refreshes a home’s interior like a coat of paint. Be careful not to stop at one room though; it might just make the other rooms look dingy. Choose light, versatile colours with mainstream appeal, and finish the look with new light fittings. This doesn’t need to be a huge investment – even paper lanterns look great in the right setting.

Clean walls will contrast badly with a grimey floor. Have carpets cleaned, polish hardwood floors, and wash vinyl or tiles. Don’t go overboard and replace them, though. That might not give you a return, and a buyer could be looking at the property with their own renovation in mind.


Clean the windows, dust the sills, fix the shutters, brush off the blinds, and wash the curtains. It will instantly lift the room by letting in more light for a cheery feel.

Odd jobs

Don’t put off small maintenance tasks any longer. You might have learned to live with that dripping tap or sticking kitchen drawer, but a potential buyer will focus on those things as signs of disrepair. Replace any cracked glass in windows or door panes, especially in the bathroom. Fill holes, cover cables and wires, deal with damp, lubricate locks, and oil anything that squeaks.

Image credit: freegreatpicture.com

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