Australians Reluctant to Buy Energy-Efficient Vehicles

Although hybrid and electric vehicles are now widely available, trends show that Australians are reticent to pay more for vehicles with greater fuel efficiency.
In 2012, a huge 98 per cent of people privately buying new cars opted for conventionally powered varieties. It was a similar story for fleet vehicle sales, with 96 per cent of sales in this category being vehicles powered by petrol, diesel or LPG.
Also in 2012, 13,919 hybrid cars were purchased. This is despite sales of hybrid vehicles being some 50 per cent higher last year than they were in 2011.
According to Leaseplan Marketing Manager, Paul Scully, (LeasePlan oversees and arranges for corporate and government vehicles for approximately 1200 organisations), particular fears about hybrid and electric cars limit their popularity. He said battery deterioration fears and problems with range prevent some people from choosing hybrid and electric options, together with the fear that these fuel efficient cars will quickly lose value.
Matthew Callachor of Toyota Australia, emphasised that hybrid cars are not a ‘fringe choice’.

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