Australia’s best 20-year period of Growth for Residential Property

Leading property commentator, and lecturer for the University of South Australia, Peter Koulizos, sourced relevant research data to come up with a number of conclusions on the best and worst periods of growth for property values in Australia.
According to Koulizos, who referred to data derived from research conducted by Nigel Stapledon in a report titled ‘A History of Housing Prices in Australia 1880-2010’, the best 20-year period for price growth in Australian property was from 1969 to 1989.
Koulizos maintained that prices increased by a total of 941.5% over that 20-year period, the equivalent of an annual rise in values of 12.4%.
He noted that this was a time of generally great economic prosperity, mainly due to population growth from migrants settling in the country, which stimulated demand for housing.

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