Australia’s trophy homes on display

Property Observer has once again listed some of the best trophy homes in Australia. Now is not the time to keep up with the Joneses.

  1. West Lakes, Adelaide, $3 million plus: The problem with being an international tennis star is that you are not often home to enjoy your Adelaide abode. Lleyton Hewitt bought this home on 800sqm about 10 years ago for $3.2 million. He lives in the Bahamas.

  2. Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast, $7.35 million. This house owned by LM Investment Management founder Peter Drake was once purported to be worth $37 million, however it sold for auction recently for $7.35. Dubbed Oceanview, for obvious reasons, it was on millionaire’s row at Albatross Avenue.

  3. Hobart, Tasmania, Price Unknown: Owned by arts reviewer Leo Schofield, this is a sandstone monument of a house built in 1842. Dubbed ‘Dysart’, it comes with music room, billiard room, commercial kitchen and 10 bedrooms.

  4. Lake George, Canberra, Price Unknown: While some blokes dream of owning a pub, others consider owning a winery. The Lerida Estate winery overlooking Lake George boasts 16 hectares of fruity goodness and was listed for expressions of interest in October.

Looking for a cheap island? Just $850,000 buys Temple Island Australia, in Cape Palermstone in Queensland. It has a four-bedroom house and a private airstrip. There are a few more islands for sale in Queensland too including Hinchinbrook Island on the Great Barrier Reef for $4.5 million. Check out these, and other, great trophy homes by State here:


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