Boosting Exclusivity by Decreasing Production

As a new business strategy, Ferrari plans to sell fewer cars from now on.
In a move aimed at protecting the Ferrari brand, chair Luca di Montezemolo announced a focus on customisation and lower sales figures.
When speaking to Automotive News Europe, Montezemolo said that constricting availability and creating more personalised vehicles will increase the exclusivity of Ferrari. The increased customisation will also result in higher residual values for Ferrari customers, according to information on
The Ferrari chair also believes the new strategy will not harm profits, adding that the company's customisation options return a greater revenue per unit. Montezemolo said that customers add an average of 10% to their bill by choosing from the company's customisable options.
The aim for 2013 is to sell 4.5% fewer cars than in 2012, hopefully keeping below the 7,000 production mark. Ferrari will, however, hire an additional 200 workers to build engines for the Maserati.

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