Car Dashboards to Feature Mobile Apps

The dominance of applications, or apps, looks set to continue with the introduction of apps in cars.
Mary Chan, of carmaker General Motors, has said that certain models will contain inbuilt apps. In an effort to wrest control from smartphone makers, General Motors will develop its own apps related to diagnostics and performance management.
No specific models have been named for the new technology, but the company confirmed they will be available by the end of the year.
Rival carmaker Holden announced in March its plans to include its new infotainment system, MyLink, as standard on certain models. Drivers use touchscreen and bluetooth technologies to access music and telephone functions in the Holden Cruze.
Blackberry is also making inroads into the car industry as it aims to broaden its influence. 60% of vehicles that feature advanced telematics and entertainment systems are reportedly already equipped with Blackberry's QNX operating system.

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