China Warming to Hybrid Cars

China's automotive industry plans to promote conventional hybrid cars more heavily this year. The Chinese government is expected to amend industry policy this year with regard to new energy cars, according to information from Reuters.
In China, private purchases of electric and primarily-electric hybrid vehicles are government-subsidised. This makes them an attractive option for drivers.
Conventional hybrids, while still being subsidised to an extent, have not benefited from the same level of support as electric vehicles yet. It is anticipated that changes to government policy are imminent, however, potentially coming into effect this year and reducing the cost of conventional hybrid cars.
The country's need to reduce reliance on fossil fuels is behind the hybrid revolution, according to the report.
One of the companies ready to support the expected new policy is Toyota. The Japanese automaker is reportedly planning the launch of two new, more affordable hybrid models around 2015.

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