How to choose a good real estate agent

Love them or hate them, most people have to deal with real estate agents at some time.
But how good they are, and what training have to justify dealing with you on some of the biggest business decisions of your life depends on what training they have.
The Federal Government is considering changes to allow people to become real estate agents in just two weeks, with limited training.
The move has some real estate agents concerned, claiming it could lower the level of service in the industry.
Some agents have been accused of waiting for good market conditions and moving in. That includes waiting for sellers who are desperate.
The real estate industry suggests that you should ask the following questions of your real estate agent to make sure that you have the right person for the job.
Top five questions you should ask a real estate agent:

  1. What is your track record for similar sales in similar market conditions?

  2. What training have you done recently?

  3. Do you have some testimonials from five recent clients?

  4. What do you do to keep you on top of your game in the property market?

  5. What is your service philosophy?


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