Comparing the Latest Hatchbacks

The seventh version of Volkswagen's iconic Golf should be the starting point for anyone in the market for a hatchback. The Australian reviewed it alongside other comparable cars to see which are worth the money.
Volkswagen won the price war, with more than $10,000 between the starting points of the Golf and those of the other cars under scrutiny: the BMW 1 Series, Mercedes A-Class and Volvo V40.
The report put the Golf ahead in terms of comfort and quality of drive, with safety and efficiency to rival the other motors. The Mercedes A200 seats four adults without a squeeze and sports numerous safety features. Handling is good, but it can be a noisy ride on some surfaces.
BMW test drivers experienced a fantastic drive at the expense of their passengers' comfort, due to the space restrictions. It couldn’t compete with the Golf in terms of a quality build, though, with unexceptional materials, fit and finish.
Volvo's V40 offered a comfortable ride, decent handling and unprecedented safety. A pedestrian airbag and automatic emergency braking helped the hatchback to earn EuroNCAP's highest ever crash test result. The V40's interior also left the BMW in the shade.

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