New Concept Linking Fashion and Cars

Melbourne is the first place to experience the innovative concept store of Mini Paceman.
B&T reported that the Paceman sits alongside international artists in a unique collaboration on Melbourne's Chapel Street. Designers, a tailor and even an architect are sharing space with the masculine Paceman, which is a vehicle aimed at men aged 34-45.
Gabrielle Byfield, brand communications manager for Mini at BMW Group, said that marketing the car within the concept store is a sign of Mini's position as a lifestyle as much as a car, encouraging a less traditional approach to stand out amongst competitors.
Each brand chosen for the concept store, which will be open for six months until December, will have four weeks working alongside the Paceman and selling their products or services.
The first designer is Andrew Chen of 3Sixteen, followed by Sam Huff, co-founder of Tanner Goods, Dennis Ebeli of Alfredo Gonzales, tailor Timothy Everest, footwear designer Mark McNairy and architect Sigurd Larsen.

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