Congestion Study Compares City Traffic

A study of global congestion has found that Sydney experiences the same level of congestion as Los Angeles, which is the most congested traffic city in the United States.
The TomTom Congestion Index measures 24 hour congestion patterns, and revealed that Sydney and Perth are Australia's most congested cities.
At the other end of the scale, Canberra and Brisbane were named as the least congested cities, with expected delays of 22 and 28 minutes respectively per hour driven during peak congestion periods.
The study found that Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons are the worst congestion periods for most Australian cities.
Sydney's overall congestion level of 33% puts it on par with LA, and is Australia's most congested city. At morning peak hour, this rises to 70%, with delays of 40 minutes per hour driven at peak times.
By comparison, Sydney suffers from only half the level of congestion experienced in Europe's most congested city, Moscow.

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