Couples who share bank accounts are happier

Does sharing your bank account with your partner really make you happier? According to US research it does.
The study said that happiness levels did not change if couples with pooled resources kept back five per cent for themselves to spend also.
People who kept all their money to themselves were the least happy. Those who shared 80 per cent were happier than those who shared 70 per cent.
The reasons were mostly psychological.
People in struggling relationships are more likely to keep some money behind to prepare for a breakup. Plus they tend to argue more about money.
Pooling money and resources reinforces trust in each other because you are working towards a common goal. It can save money on bank fees, and it makes it harder to quit too.
Neither situation is a win-win however. And it is harder if your spending habits differ wildly from that of our partner’s as inevitably someone has to check the statements and answer the tough questions.
Sunrise TV host David Koch had some advice for people who opted for spilt accounts.
He said be sure to set up a joint account. Have wages paid into individual accounts and allocate a certain amount of money to go into the joint account which pays for living expenses.
It could be worth having savings allocated into the joint account too. Or making the joint account your home loan offset account to save money on your home loan.

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