The Dangers of going Hands-Free

New hands-free technology in cars is no safer for drivers. Voice-activated systems have become more popular in vehicles, as car makers attempt to address safety concerns about controls requiring a driver to remove their hands from the wheel.
But the Foundation for Highway Safety said that going hands-free has become even more of a threat to safety as drivers focus more on what they're saying than where they're going.
A study by the Foundation found that speech-to-text systems are a particular risk, according to information in the Financial Review. The concentration required to interact with such technology significantly impairs a driver's ability to focus on the road.
This opinion is unpopular with car makers, who say they are responding to customer demand for a more connected driving experience.
Drivers now apparently expect the same interaction in their cars as they get elsewhere. There is also profit in providing such systems within vehicles, according to the report.

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