Bringing the outdoors inside

Bringing the outdoors inside

Home décor trends come and go and, without careful planning, it’s easy to get caught renovating in a style that will date. However, a concept that is timeless is bringing the outdoors inside by creating flow from the living areas of your home to an outdoor space. That could be the backyard, courtyard, or a side of your home that gets the best of the season.

It’s not essential to have a raised deck to enjoy outdoor living; even inner-city properties with tiny yards can make some relatively simple changes to make the most of the open space they do have.

The gold-plated solution is bi-fold doors. They are a great choice for extending your living area to the outdoors as they create a frameless opening that gives the illusion of an open wall. An awning or sail and some paving, ground-level decking, or ornamental stones will provide the transition space from indoors to outdoors and add vital square metres to the living area of your home.

In the case of a small home, this step could as much as double the useful living area of the property and add tens of thousands of dollars to its value.

If your renovation budget doesn’t extend to bi-fold doors, consider double French doors. These are a good choice if you are creating a door opening from what was originally a window, and they look quite sophisticated.

For houses with a big yard, take some measures with landscaping to define the space and create a feeling of continuity from inside the house to the outside. Nurture a hedge, build in some seating, or plant some advanced ornamental trees to create a comfortable living area with connection to the inside of the home.

If you have plenty of yard you can get creative with more than one outdoor living area, like a green space off the master bedroom or a play garden that opens out of the children’s rooms. But what if you have no yard space at all?

Onwards and upwards. Get creative and identify a part of your roofline that can be opened to the sky to create an atrium and an indoor garden. It will provide a focal point to your home and a beautiful, timeless feature that is a pleasure to live with and will to boost the value of your property.

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