Developers Offer Trial Run for Homes

In an attempt to entice buyers, a Queensland developer is offering an unusual marketing strategy called “try before you buy”.
This offer allows prospective homebuyers to live in a new house for a small fee to test it out while their old home is on the market.

This strategy is quite different from other times when the sellers market was hot. During these times, buyers would have to make quick decisions on whether or not to buy a house before someone else swooped in and snapped it up.
There are many reasons why being able to live in a new property before buying it is a great idea. For instance, it gives prospective buyers time to suss out the neighbourhood and the neighbours, get to know the inside of the home, and daydream about what their future might be like living there.
Buying a home is a big proposition, as people often end up living in the same home and paying off the mortgage for many years. That is why it’s important not to rush when making a decision. “Try before you buy” is a fantastic idea that helps people avoid making the wrong choice.

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