No Emotional Attachment for Young Car Owners

Young people's lack of attachment to cars could help to solve congestion problems in cities.
US architects Meejin Yoon and Eric Hoeweler have predicted a future based around sharing cars, as new generations view possessions differently from older people.
Yoon said that growing up with a culture of sharing in other parts of their lives means that young people don't have any emotional attachment to cars. Technology already enables the ready sharing of music and video files, and Yoon sees the car-sharing future as the next step.
Yoon added that convenience will be more important than actually owning the car, with the new sharing culture wiping out the problem of gridlocked cities.
Sharing cars will also remove the costs and hassles that come with owning a car, according to Nine news.
Yoon and Hoeweler's vision of the future earned them the Audi 2012 Urban Initiative Prize, awarded for future urban mobility solutions.

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