Facebook Helps with the Hunt for Pet-Friendly Accommodation

It’s no secret that social media is a powerful vehicle and now social media is helping pet owners to secure pet-friendly rental accommodation.
In an effort to reduce the number of animals left at Perth pounds, Claire Bingham recently launched ‘Perth Pet Friendly Rentals’, a new Facebook page designed to help renters locate pet-friendly homes. Not having a home loan and a property that you actually own should not prevent pet ownership. This page links those looking for rental accommodation with agents and landlords of pet-friendly properties.

Mrs Bingham said, “My goal is to keep people and their pets together and dispel the myths that pets will cause damage or be a nuisance.”
Perth’s population has recently boomed and this, combined with a culture of dogs rarely being allowed in rental housing, has resulted in increased numbers of dogs being left at pounds. Founder of the Desperate for Love Pound Rescue, Natalie Plunkett, has said that she receives many calls from members of the public who are moving but are not allowed to keep pets in their new rental home.

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