10 Household items worth investing in

10 Household items worth investing in

Whether you are redecorating, undertaking a full renovation, moving into a new home, or settling into your space, there are some key features that are worth spending money on. Budget will always have a say in how your home is finished, but it pays to prioritise how you will allocate your money. As a rule, spend more on timeless items that add value to your home, then work around those with more seasonal pieces you are likely to update within a few years.


The right lighting design is crucial to the functionality and ambience of any living space. Put thought into how you want the light to work in each room; consider what level of lighting you would like, the tone, and direction. Choose light fittings that you love and invest in some quality lamps to finish the design.


When it comes to linen, there is a chasm of difference in quality between the higher and lower ends of the market. While it might seem like a budget-conscious move to choose cheaper sheets, chances are they won’t last and may not deliver the good night’s sleep you are looking for. A higher thread count, and natural fibres like cotton and silk are a worthy investment; one you will appreciate long after the extra cost has disappeared from your memory.


Vacuum cleaner technology has come a long way, so that the advanced models make quicker work of cleaning your floors, and do a better job. A good vacuum, compared to a lower cost/lower quality model, will be an asset that pays for itself by way of time savings and superior results.

Dining table

In many homes, the dining table is the focal point of social interaction. It is where meals are shared, homework is done, and family and friends congregate. A dining table should be a timeless and enduring piece of furniture that sets the tone for the rest of the home.


Quality art is not just an investment in the joy it will bring, well-chosen art can be a worthwhile financial investment as its value may increase over time. Choose the appropriate frames and hang your art so that the centre of the piece is at eye level, approximately 1.5m from the floor.

Statement furniture

A statement piece of furniture, such as an overstuffed armchair, brings life and depth to a home design. Just be sure to choose a classic piece that won’t date.

Indoor plants

Greenery is an easy and charming addition to your home. Plants clean the air and bring vitality to a room, and the choices are vast enough to suit any décor.

Timber floor

A timber floor is an expensive investment, but it is timeless, hardy, and versatile.


What is a good sleep worth? We spend a quarter of our lives in bed so it makes sense that what you sleep on should suit you perfectly. A quality mattress will cost more than a cheap one, but the extra investment will repay you endlessly.

Coffee table

There isn’t much that needs saying about the importance of the right coffee table. Invariably, it sits in the centre of your living room and is the holder of magazines, devices, conversation-starter books, and coffee cups.  It’s the closest piece of furniture to you when you’re kicking back, other than the couch that’s probably underneath you. The coffee table should reflect your personal style and be a piece of furniture you appreciate every time you look at it.


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