Flood Affected Cars Need Mechanical Checks

Cars that have been flood and rain affected should be checked by a mechanic for safety problems. Such checks can not only ensure the safety of a vehicle but also reduce the likelihood of expensive repairs being required.
Recent heavy rain on the Coffs Coast could cause defects of a serious nature and compromise the safety of many cars. In the event that floodwater reached even the lowest point of car doors or flowed into the car’s interior, a mechanical check should be organised as soon as possible.

Flood and rain damage to a vehicle may include:
Mechanical components, including the transmission, holding water. This can result in expensive failures caused by problems with engine oils.
Water in the car’s interior may cause problems with electrical systems, particularly in late model vehicles.
Debris that may have accumulated under the vehicle may damage mechanical parts, block cooling systems or cause the vehicle to overheat.
Steering and braking systems may be impeded by contaminated fluids.
Water that reaches a vehicle’s fuel tank may prevent the engine from operating. This is a particular problem for vehicles fuelled by diesel, as they are especially sensitive to water contamination.
Source:  http://www.coffscoastadvocate.com.au/news/cars-affected-floodwaters-need-be-checked/1741628/

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