Soon everyone can have a Fonz at home

The NSW Government is planning to allow ‘manor homes’ on street corners and so-called ‘Fonzie flats’ over garages in a nod to the hit 1970s US comedy show Happy Days.
The Fonzie flat was used by 70s heartthrob and resident ‘cool dude’ The Fonz, who lived above the garage at the Cunningham’s household.
Under the plan, such developments would be approved in Sydney suburbs, along with small manor homes in low density suburbs.
Manor homes look like large two-story homes but really contain four units.
The plan would enable housing affordability and was earmarked for areas such as Blacktown, Camden, Campbelltown and Liverpool. It could create 180,000 homes over 30 years.
Some local councils are opposing the plans.
They said developers will not spend the money, and warned that affluent neighbourhoods would reject the look of some development.
However the State Government said that western Sydney residents did not want detached homes on big blocks. They said Fonzie flats would be of benefit because the self-contained studio flats could be strata subdivided when built at the same time as a new home.
The Government said it would allow townhouses in low-density residential areas to help make homes more affordable in Sydney.

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