Generous Donation to Salvo Car Scheme

Families in need will be back at the wheel more quickly thanks to a special kind of garage. The Salvation Army has developed a car scheme to help deserving families to get back on the road by providing them with a vehicle.
CarCare mechanic, Brock Saunders, spends two days a week restoring donated cars. Once the vehicles have been made roadworthy at the charity's garage in Forest Lake, they are given to those in need.
To support the charitable project, a local group recently handed over a cheque for $200 to CarCare. A spokesman for the National Seniors Association of Forest Lake said that the group is committed to supporting good causes in the area.
Saunders said that the work required on the average car can total up to $800. As the charity relies on donations, the money will go towards getting a vehicle back on the road for a family in need.

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