Gympie Positive About Real Estate

There’s great positivity about the real estate market in Gympie, with 500 people attending a recent property expo despite terrible weather. Gympie real estate agent John Cochrane says that prices aren’t increasing of late, but at least property is selling -- which hasn’t always been the case in a tight mortgage market. “We have had a few properties on the market for just a few weeks and they have sold,” he said. “It’s all about presentation and they don’t have to be given away.”

A third of all buyers were coming from south of Gympie, where properties were more expensive. Mr Cochrane, who said property is more about value today rather than driving the price down, believes that houses priced below $330,000 is where the key is at the moment. “Now is the time to buy when the market is slow,” he said. “Confidence is growing and there are people with money.”

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