Housing Subdivision under Flight Path Confirmed

An uproar has erupted over Port Stephens Council’s decision to approve a subdivision directly under a flight path at Raymond Terrace.
The council has ignored mounting pressure from the Department of Defence, who deem that some of the proposed lots in the 53-lot subdivision will have the new homes built directly under military zoned air space, which would expose residents to an unacceptable level of aircraft noise.
Commenting on the council’s decision to approve the subdivision, Mayor Bruce MacKenzie said that he was disgusted by the bullying tactics of the Department of Defence and the Gillard government to have the council’s decision overturned.
Councillor Mackenzie said that he was not impressed by the “ridiculous air-show yesterday to play politics, and parading of ALP candidates” to whip up public opinion about the plan without consulting with the council directly.
However a rescission motion has been brought before council by dissenting councillors Geoff Dingle, John Nell and Peter Kafer.
While councillors are still divided on the issue, all sides agreed that a possible solution would be for the Department of Defence to purchase the land in the new subdivision.
Source: http://www.theherald.com.au/story/1533904/housing-plan-for-flight-path-confirmed/?cs=303

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