How to make money

Money is a funny thing. Most of us never seem to have enough of it, and people always seem to be trying to find ways to grow their wealth or make the most of what they have.
As with the longest journey beginning with a single step, the best way to make a stack of money (legally) is to start with simple savings.
Small savings of about $10 a week can grow into something big in a very short amount of time, particularly if it is invested correctly.
Higher interest comes with higher amounts so it is important to first build your wealth and then look for the right investment.
Be sure to investigate how interest is calculated, and the terms. Sometimes banks or lenders can have other accounts or investments that pay more than your current rate.
Some experts say it is important to have a very specific goal to save towards. It could be a car or an overseas trip but it should be specific (i.e. a trip to New York or Paris).
If it is a computer you should target a particular make, model and colour.
Finally tell your friends what your goal is, because it makes you accountable, and they might join in and start saving as well.

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