Cost effective kitchens

Is it ever possible to make a flat pack kitchen look like a custom made one? Certainly, there is no substitute for the craftsmanship and purpose-built nature of a custom kitchen. By definition, the outcome is a kitchen that has been designed to your specifications to suit your lifestyle and your family configuration, and installed by a professional. If your budget accommodates that, you are in great shape.

But limitations come with budget and not everyone’s renovation fund can stretch to the gold-plated solution when it comes to the kitchen. Besides, trends change and kitchens date quickly, so there are trade-offs to be made when you plan your investment. This is where a pre-fabricated kitchen could come into its own.

Spending less on a new kitchen could give you greater latitude to update it sooner if you are ready for a new design scheme a few years down the track. And there are a few tips to follow to help you get the best result for the lowest cost from a flat-pack kitchen.

The trickiest part of kitchen installation is finishing the joins and corners. Perfecting this is an art the professionals invest many hours in, and their advice to the novice is ‘Don’t’. The ideal set-up for a flat-pack kitchen is galley-style with two long parallel benchtops. It provides ample workspace and storage, and no corners to cause headaches for the DIY installer.

To keep costs down but achieve a professional finish, you could consider a pre-fabricated kitchen but have it installed by a qualified joiner. This would ensure the kitchen was finished to a high standard but stays within your budget. Also, choosing the appliances you want, like the right size cooktop, an effective range hood, and an efficient dishwasher, will help you get the level of functionality that suits you, without stretching to the full cost of a custom kitchen.

There is no reason a pre-fab kitchen should look shabby. And once it is finished off with your own decorative flair, it will fit perfectly into your home, and your budget.

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