Queensland building and plumbing sectors get a shake-up

A significant reform in Queensland's building and construction industry, along with a plumbing reform, could be good news for those looking to take out a home loan in order to build.

The changes have been welcomed by Minister for Housing and Public Works, Tim Mander.

Building change in Queensland

An independent system has been established that will have the capacity to review decisions made by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC).

The system will be free to access and is being dubbed a "significant reform to the building industry".

Under the previous system, home owners, contractors, builders and certifiers could only appeal QBCC decisions in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal, Mr Mander said.

However, these individuals will now be able to access the new system, should they wish to appeal any QBCC decisions.

"This change is a real boost to anyone bringing a complaint to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission as an internal review will examine decisions about licensing, insurance, rectification orders, bans or exclusions," Mr Mander said.

The new system is considered a more efficient approach.

"The internal review decision must be made within 28 days of receiving the application, making the internal review process a very quick and efficient way of resolving concerns with administrative decisions made by the Commission," he said.

Dissatisfied individuals will still be able to lodge appeals at the QCAT should they wish to do so.

Checking the pipes

Mr Mander said changes had also been confirmed for the Queensland plumbing industry.

Currently, the Plumbing Industry Council governs occupational licensing of plumbers and drainers. The QBCC covers contractor licensing.

The changes, which come into effect on September 1 2014, will make the system far more efficient. The QBCC will soon cover licensing and compliance functions, which Mr Mander said would result in cost savings for licensees.

More efficient building and plumbing processes should please existing and potential homeowners in Queensland.

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