State performance leads to ideal investment conditions

Frontline services in Queensland are performing incredibly well, which may encourage couples and individuals to invest in property in the area.

While strong mortgage rates, capital growth and favourable rental yields are factors that require consideration when choosing when and where to invest, it's also necessary to pay attention to unique circumstances of a city or state, from its economic growth to delivery of frontline services and education opportunities.

It seems that Queensland is shaping up well for investment opportunities, with service delivery figures certainly promising.

Health and education

Premier Campbell Newman has noted the health, education and economic advances of the Sunshine State.

"After injecting an extra $1.2 billion into the health budget, our elective surgery waiting lists are now the best in the country," Mr Newman said.

While health services alone won't be the final factor in the decision to buy investment property, it certainly bodes well. For instance, if you're looking to invest in a property to target elderly tenants, access to good healthcare services and short waiting lists may be factors that help boost your rental yields.

Likewise, when it comes to appealing to young families, these kind of tenants will likely want access to quality schools, so selecting an investment property that meets this criteria will be highly important.

Queensland isn't just performing well when it comes to healthcare provision, however.

Mr Newman explained that more jobs have been created in the Sunshine State than any other state in Australia over the past year. Strong employment prospects certainly boost the case for investing in property in the area.

Another factor that potential property investors should consider is transport links. Queensland is demonstrating favourable statistics in this regard, with train on-time running figures reaching their highest levels yet, according to Mr Newman.

Just as important as selecting the right location for a property is obtaining the appropriate finance. However, a record low cash rate means cheap home loans are on offer.

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