Landlord Runs a Tight Ship

When renting a property, perhaps while you are saving a deposit to match a home loan, you expect that there will be some obligations and expectations made of you as a tenant. However, some landlords apparently feel they are entitled to completely remove many basic liberties of the people who rent their properties.
Most tenants would not be surprised to be told that loud music, parties, drugs and theft are unacceptable at the premises they rent on a shared basis.

Laura Evelyn was understandably alarmed by a list of house rules presented to her when she was interviewed by the landlord of the shared house she was previously interested in joining in Wood Green, North London. These rules and conditions included: no pork in the house, no visitors, the disposal of any personal items left in communal areas and showers being limited to 15 minutes.
Over 30 of such conditions were presented to Ms Evelyn, who posted the list on the internet. Her tweet went viral.

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