How Landlords Can Foster a Good Relationship With Tenants

For landlords to be happy, it’s important that the tenants are happy, too.
Just like in any relationship, the one between a tenant and landlord works the best when both feel like the arrangement is fair and that each party is trying to honour it.

Generally, for a tenant to be happy, they need an affordable place to live in a good location, that is maintained well, and has a reasonable and diligent landlord.
Landlords, on the other hand, want tenants who pay their rent on time so that the home loan can be paid, don’t damage the property, and don’t generate complaints from neighbours.
More often than not, the relationship deteriorates when the landlord fails to live up to expectations. For example, if problems on the property aren’t fixed promptly, then the tenant may become disillusioned with the relationship.
Communication is key when it comes to keeping tenants happy, as most things that upset tenants can be fixed. Thus, it is important for landlords to respond to issues appropriately and quickly.

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