Luxury Car Companies Promote the Practicality of their Vehicles

No longer do luxury car companies target their vehicles to sports car enthusiasts. The practical nature of many luxury cars is now emphasised by their makers as they endeavour to expand the appeal of their brand and cars to a wider range of people.
Rob Moran, Product Manager of AMG, says of the new Mercedes Benz SLS AMG, “This is an everyday supercar you can effectively drive everyday.” Moran also makes a point of mentioning the large boot of this car – large enough to transport a set of golf clubs.

Mercedes is not the only car manufacturer trying to change perceptions of their cars in relation to practicality. This brand, and others, are trying to change the belief that a sports car is an outlandish car useful and appropriate only for fun on the weekend or a ‘beauty’ that is really far too extravagant and is consequently stored in the garage.
Ian Beavis, Executive Vice President for Nielsen Global Automotive, says: “Frankly, if you are paying $80,000 or $100,000 for a car, you need some level of practicality to justify it.”
Other car companies promoting the performance of their cars as well as their practicality, include: Porsche, McLaren Automotive and Ferrari.

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