Big boost for Ballarat could spur housing demand

Hundreds of new jobs are tipped for Victoria's Ballarat, which may boost housing demand and create opportunities for those looking to sell property. 

The Victorian coalition government is going to relocate the VicRoad headquarters to Ballarat, announced Premier Denis Napthine in a March 30 statement. 

Benefits for Ballarat

Located north-west of Melbourne, Ballarat is less than an hour and half from the capital by car and offers a great lifestyle for individuals and families. 

"As VicRoads modernises and strives to better serve its customers, the Victorian government has determined that Ballarat is the best place for the organisation to move to, with its easy access to and from Melbourne's CBD," Dr Napthine said.

The headquarters will be built near Ballarat's rail station precinct, making trips to the headquarters a breeze for visitors. Dedicated services on the Victorian Regional Rail Link will make getting in and out of Ballarat straightforward. 

Ballarat is expected to reap more than $40 million worth of economic benefits on an annual basis with the arrival of VicRoads.

Furthermore, the project will create an additional 400 jobs on top of the 25,000 jobs that have been created across regional Victoria over the last year.

Function of VicRoads

VicRoads has a range of functions that will all be catered for at the new headquarters.

From human resources to administration, risk, finance and licensing, there are multiple divisions that require a skilled workforce. 

This could present some fantastic opportunities and may encourage those living in Melbourne to carry out a mortgage refinance and opt for a relaxed lifestyle in Ballarat. 

Along with these jobs, several senior positions will also relocate to Ballarat.

Along with the VicRoads announcement, a $2.1 million redevelopment at Ballarat Technology Park is expected to create 200 new jobs, while a $5.57 million upgrade of the city's airport shows that it's a top location to buy or invest in.

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