‘McMansions’ should be Converted into Apartments to deal with Population Growth

According to leading WA environmental scientist David Kaesehagen, Perth’s “McMansions” should be converted into apartments to help deal with rapid population.
This would be done by building divisions within large properties to create numerous additional living spaces, thereby adding to existing housing stock in urban areas.
Speaking at a forum on population growth in cities event held in Perth, Julian Bolleter, an urban planner, gave the keynote speech. He said that planners needed to be more inventive in finding solutions to tackle population growth, as well as the rising rate of density in city suburbs.
Dr Bolleter is co-author of Made in Australia, which is an exploration of the challenges facing Australia in regards to the future growth of the population.
He extolled the fact that Perth has the largest city in terms of area but not in people, and is possibly the most sprawled city in the world. He is of the opinion that higher density is needed around existing urban green space.
Kaesehagen urged the forum to consider ways of utilising existing buildings to increase population density without resorting to high-rise apartments, or altering the aesthetic landscape of established suburbs.
Source: http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/a/-/breaking/17122136/call-to-divide-ritzy-suburbs-for-housing/

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