Must-haves for the best homes

Most people have their vision of a dream home, but for those fortunate enough to have the money to afford a trophy property, there are certain things they cannot do without. Times and tastes change and, while in the 1980s you had not made it until you had a tennis court, nowadays the biggest demand in Sydney is for private off-street car parking. What’s that you say? Car parking?
That is correct, according to real estate agent Philippe Batters. And not just any sort of car parking, but basement car parks for the collections of cars – usually Ferrari or vintage classics. Four to six car spaces is the norm for today’s trophy house, and it must also have open plan living, a swimming pool and a media room too. Wine cellars are equally as important, only today’s modern cellars are used as separate rooms and are anything but the sort of dark, dank dungeons of yesteryear. The executives of today also like a bit of hanging space, and that means room to rival the wife when it comes to garments with the minimum about 20 business shirts, 10 suits and six or so casual jackets. Most of all, if you are paying $5 million, you want a harbour view, or seaside proximity, or city views, in that order of importance. And lots of natural light.

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