Transferring home insurance between properties

Transferring home insurance between properties

Everyone knows that shifting property can be a difficult, stressful experience. There are so many things to think about and take care of that you'd before forgiven for forgetting about your home insurance policy during this period - but this could be a mistake.

One thing to remember is that these policies don't necessarily transfer along with you and your belongings. So it's worth getting in touch with your insurance provider as soon as possible to have a look at your policy and discuss the options available to you. Whether this means changing your current insurance to extend to your new home or taking out a new policy, taking care of this before moving is important.

This ensures your home and contents will be protected immediately, avoiding the risk of financial loss due to any any accidents or incidents occurring during the move. After all, it's not worth the possibility of losing valuable possessions or causing damage to your home.

Moving Insurance

Furthermore, investigate the possibility of taking out a short-term insurance policy for the actual process of moving homes. Depending on the distance and method of moving, looking into possible protection of your goods while they're out of the house and on the road is a great idea.

If you're moving your own goods, it's possible to get the traditional cover for fires, flooding, collisions or moving vehicles overturning to protect your belongings. If you're utilising the services of a professional moving company, there are often broader accident covers that apply to these roles.

Taking care of these insurance gaps can help facilitate the moving process and aid your relocation. Get in touch with an insurance provider to discuss the options available to you, and begin planning your property move today.

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