Healthy infrastructure boost for Northern Beaches

Healthy infrastructure boost for Northern Beaches

The concept proposal for the Northern Beaches Hospital has been signed off, New South Wales Minister for Planning Pru Goward announced on June 23.

Together with Stage 1 site clearing approval, this latest development means that work can start on this core healthcare infrastructure, which is sure to please residents in the area.

Better services for Northern Beaches

Northern Beaches homeowners with mortgages will be delighted at the prospect of high-quality healthcare services located in their vicinity.

"This approval brings the new hospital one step closer to reality, with construction expected to begin next year, and the hospital opening in 2018," Ms Goward explained.

Better yet, improved infrastructure may make this area, which is north of Sydney's harbour, a more enviable place to reside. With quality services on offer, existing property owners may find that their homes increase in value over the years to come, as the region establishes itself as the place to be.

High-end healthcare technology

Ms Goward stated that a range of technologies will be used in the new hospital.

"The new hospital will use state-of-the-art technologies to provide a minimum of 423 beds, a large emergency department, mental health, surgical, medical, maternity, paediatric and ambulatory care services for all patients on the Northern Beaches," she noted.

The comprehensive range of healthcare services is sure to provide relief to residents of the region, who will no longer have to travel out of their usual place of residence to access healthcare.

Ms Goward noted that public patients will still be able to access the services just as they do now.

Concerns were voiced by community members about the potential disruption caused by construction and traffic. However, Ms Goward explained that consultation should help alleviate such issues.

Some residents also expressed concerns about the impact on the local environment at Forest High School, so the proposal assessment looked at these issues and developed conditions accordingly.

"The Northern Beaches Hospital is the first major investment in health infrastructure on the Northern Beaches for decades. It is long overdue, but this decision clears the way for the first stages of work to start," Ms Goward explained.

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