Tips for creating a safe environment

Tips for creating a safe environment

Couples looking into having their own children need to consider making their home as safe and inviting as possible. Regardless of whether you're already a homeowner, are looking into taking out a home loan to purchase your own slice of Australian property or want to consider a construction loan to build your dream property, preparing your home for young children is an essential practise to undertake before their arrival. 

There is a whole range of different aspects to consider in order to cover all your bases and keep your kids as safe as possible. One of the first things you should consider is their bedroom. 

Creating a great nursery space

During the early months, children don't do much except sleep. But once they start to gain motor skills and begin moving around of their own accord, it's important to protect their wellbeing. Early years are likely to be spent in their bedroom/nursery space, which means child-proofing the room for any potential problems that could arise.

For example, if you have low windows in the room, take care that cords for blinds are kept in a safe manner. These present a major hazard for unattended children and should be tied up high above the floor to prevent kids from reaching them. Furthermore, installing window guards to prevent your child from climbing up on the sill and hurting themselves is another factor to consider. 

Another thing is that power points and electrical cords need to be observed and precautions taken to avoid injuries. There are power outlet covers that prevent the insertion of utensils or little fingers into the holes, while power cords should be run behind large pieces of furniture or tied together and bound to the floor to prevent children from hurting themselves with them. 

Preparing your staircase

Two-storey homes are wonderful for a number of reasons. Added living space, the separation of bedrooms from the main entertainment area and the conservation of space into a vertical installation are all great aspects of having a double storey property.

However, stairs are a major risk for small children, so taking steps to prevent falls is essential. The easiest way to do this is by getting a stair guard to put across the top and bottom of the staircase, ensuring your child isn't able to go up or down at any time. 

Embrace open plan living 

If you're constructing your own home from scratch, consider building an open plan property. Open plan houses have significantly less walls blocking and obscuring views, with the kitchen, dining room, living area and outdoor spaces often all comprising one space.

This is not only great for entertaining and parties, but also when raising children. Being able to keep an eye on the young ones from the kitchen while you prepare dinner or watching them while you're relaxing in the lounge can be beneficial in the long run for you and your children. 

Reducing noise

Having children is a magical experience and can be a golden time in any parent's life. However, they are often noisy creatures and can begin to fray nerve endings after a while. Take this into consideration early on and invest in things like rugs, which can help to reduce the amount of noise made on wooden or tiled floors around your home. They can also warm up a cold floor for a little one and create a comfortable play space.

Bookshelves and thick curtains can also absorb loud noises from other rooms, giving you some breathing space and peace of mind. Heavy curtains are also useful to block out light during day time sleeps. These are just some basic things to consider when you're expecting children. Take the time to investigate your own home and look for specific hazards and risks for kids in order to take the most proactive approach to protecting your children from harm.

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