An Opportunity to Purchase a Piece of Tasmanian Heritage

With inflated prices on the mainland, Tasmanian real estate offers buyers excellent value. Tasmania is home to many beautifully preserved historic properties, including Georgian mansions, cottages, townhouses and colonial homesteads.
In recent times, at least 28 heritage-listed properties in Tasmania have been on the market, ranging in price from $415,000 to several million dollars. The time is ripe for investors and those looking for a home to investigate home loan options and possibly pick up a well-priced, historically significant property.

Some of the properties recently featuring on the market were designed by Henry Hunter, the much-respected and most prominent Tasmanian architect in the second half of the 19th century. The Hobart Town Hall and Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery are among Hunter’s best known architectural designs.
With interest coming from local, interstate and international buyers, Dianne Snowden (Chairperson of the Tasmanian Heritage Council) has emphasised that ownership of a heritage property is a big commitment and prospective buyers should understand the processes required to keep such properties in good condition – now and into the future.

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