Playing Politics Over First Home Buyer Costs

The ACT Opposition says first-time mortgage holders are paying more than ever for a house in the nation’s capital. Opposition Leader Zed Seselja says new ACT Government figures on the first home owner grants show people are spending an average of $408,000. He says the record-high cost is evidence that the Government’s efforts to improve affordability are all talk.

He says it’s misleading for the Government to say that first-home owners are better off now. “Clearly (the Government’s) talking about it a lot but not getting it done,” he said. “And if you add massive taxes like the units tax on housing, then that affects all home buyers, but I think it particularly affects first home buyers.” Treasurer Andrew Barr is defending the Government’s efforts to improve housing affordability, saying that government policies are having an impact on prices and rents, and accusing the Opposition of being misleading.

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