Predictions for Sydney in 2050

If a crystal ball could be used to see what Sydney will be like in 2050, we would probably see that the city will be home to a greater population of people living in closer proximity to one another.
Sydney is an immensely important business location within the Asia-Pacific region and its population is therefore expected to grow in the next 37 years. This means that home loans will be sought for housing that is somewhat different to the ways that we live now.

Some would argue that the values and symbols that have long-mattered to people in Sydney for many years, including: a large block on which to live, ownership of a car and space, will be much less important and relevant.
Sydney’s population is expected to rise to 7.5 million people by the middle of the century – this represents an increase of more than 3.2 million people. To accommodate this increased number of residents, it is expected that ‘middle ring’ suburbs, such as: Ryde, Strathfield and Hurstville, will grow in population and through the construction of new houses.

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