Quality Design Maximises Property Investment

It can certainly be worth increasing your home loan to generate additional funds for top quality features in an investment property.
Investment in products that carry wide appeal means that a broader base of potential tenants will be assessed together with an increased likelihood of a premium in rental income. If you decide to sell, your property will carry greater appeal to people such as owner-occupiers and will help to guarantee a healthier sale price.

The four ‘F’s should be always be considered when buying an investment property: facilities, fixtures, fittings and finish.
In this day and age, the following also have great appeal for renters and ultimately, prospective buyers:

  • Smart wiring, including: data cabling and wireless access

  • Lap pools and gyms

  • Shared spaces, such as: function rooms, small theatres, rooftop lounges and boardrooms

  • Natural ventilation and air conditioning

  • Energy efficient light fittings and as much natural light as possible

  • High quality, functional kitchen appliances

  • Two-pack cabinetry and quality stone bench tops

  • Hard wearing flooring

  • Abundant and cleverly used storage space.

In order to maximise the value of an investment, these areas should be considered when purchasing or renovating a property.
Source:  http://www.heraldsun.com.au/realestate/investing/top-quality-design-reaps-rewards-for-investors/story-fndcursx-1226551967359

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