Reasons to go Electric

Powerful drives and electric vehicles are no longer mutually exclusive. Business Spectator recently reported on the reasons to champion electric and hybrid cars above and beyond their environmental credentials.
They don't need to warm up. Drivers can access all the power of their engine instantly.
Extra power can be gained at the touch of a button. This function is not available for anyone but the very-rich at present, as the technology comes from Porsche, but eventually electric and hybrid cars will be able to call on boost buttons for an extra injection of power.
Boost zones could improve the range of electric vehicles, allowing for longer journeys than currently possible without recharging. This would be an especially effective solution to the issue of car sharing, when the last user fails to charge the car for the next driver.
Braking actually creates energy. As prices come down and problems with range are resolved, electric cars will become a more viable option for more than economical and environmental reasons.

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