Registrations Soon to Outnumber People in SA

In South Australia, vehicle registration rates are increasing at a rate more than double the rate of population growth over the last 10 years.
Vehicle registrations, which include: cars, vans, motorcycles, buses and trucks, will soon outnumber the state’s population of 1.654 million people. The Royal Automobile Association (RAA) is encouraging the SA Government to develop a strategic plan to manage traffic problems and, possibly, introduce road user charges for travel on major arterials at peak times.

The RAA says that state transport information and Australian Bureau of Statistics data suggests that the “tipping point” of vehicle vs population numbers will occur in 2013.
The greater number of registrations than people is forecast to cause delays in travel and considerable traffic congestion. Mark Borlace, RAA Senior Manager Mobility and Automotive said, “Already there are congestion points where the road system isn’t coping and more people and more cars means it is only getting worse.”
A travel time report produced by the RAA showed that motorists residing in the Torrens Park area who commuted to and from the CBD were spending an additional three working days on the road each year.

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