Revealed: Perth’s tightly held suburbs

The Perth suburb of Gnangara has been revealed to be the place where people spend the longest time living in the West Australian capital.
According to RP Data, people who live in Gnangara stay on average six years longer than the time that most people in Perth stay in a property.
Gnangara residents stayed just over 14 years in the suburb, where the median house price was a cool $1 million. Most people in Perth stayed in their suburbs for eight years on average.
The northern suburb of Perth was described as “leafy” with property sizes from about two to 10 acres. Most homes were architecturally designed for lifestyle living.
The suburbs of Herne Hill, Murdock, Hovea and Coogee were also tightly-held with people apparently in no hurry to sell up and leave. People stayed in those suburbs for about 13 years. The suburbs were rated by residents as friendly, with opportunities for kids to play without leaving the properties.

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