Seachange – Never More Attractive

In the next 3 years, an estimated one million Australians (that is one in 25 of us) will forego city living in favour of the lifestyle afforded by country and coastal locations.
Sea Change Success, an online lifestyle adviser, has conducted research showing that while 350,000 people contemplate making such a change each year, only 20% of them do it. Interestingly though, 80% of the people who do make this change report that they are happy to have made the sea or treechange and wish they had done it sooner, even when it has required renegotiation of home loans and other important arrangements.

Contrary to the idea that it is predominantly retirees, approximately 70% of people that make a seachange or treechange are of working age.
National Seachange Taskforce Executive Director, Alan Stokes, said: “The big attraction is the environment, the beach, the idea of bringing up your kids in a more natural, attractive environment. People equate living in the city with high levels of daily stress.”

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