Sell your home with Feng Shui

A few years ago ladies around Australia were buying green purses on the basis that it would attract money.
Now property owners are considering using Feng Shui to improve their homes to Chinese investors.
Feng Shui apparently means “wind and water” and, in property, relates to arranging a home so that energy flows smoothly through it.
The energy is known as “chi” and followers of Feng Shui, which was developed in China thousands of years ago, believe that everything has the chi life force.
They also believe that unbalanced chi can lead to bad luck or bad health.
Feng Shui relates to placing objects in the home to ensure that the chi does not flow too fast or too, or is allowed to stagnate.
Property analyst Michael Matusik said real estate agents in Sydney and Melbourne understood the significance of using Feng Shui to sell to Chinese investors.
He said people were promoting address numbers that features 8 (prosperity) or 9 (highest attainment) and making changes to properties whose front and back doors were directly aligned, or whose front entrances were directly aligned with trees or telephone poles.
The placement of a special mirror over the door on the exterior of the home was considered a good remedy to the telegraph pole issue.

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