Create an urban oasis with indoor plants

One of the easiest ways to spruce up your home is to add a splash of living colour by using indoor plants.
They are attractive, versatile, inexpensive and, in some cases, practical.

Plants soften the mood of a room and freshen the air, and they won't chew up valuable time needing to be looked after. They are the perfect house guest!

It's hard to go wrong using indoor plants but, as with anything, a little bit of thought can mean the difference between ordinary and exceptional.

Certain plants are easier to grow indoors than others and they require very little maintenance. They’re also the most popular.

The trick is to think about what you want the plant to do. Is it to fill a corner? Be a focal point on a coffee table? Add colour to an austere room?

Here's the deal

Visualise it, and if possible look at how plants are used in similar situations in friends' houses or magazines to see what works.

Plants can be used to great effect to lift the decor, in much the same way art can. Another great advantage is that they can be moved easily so you can change the look and feel of a space just by changing the plants.

Leaf shape and size vary immensely, so that needs to be considered carefully when choosing a plant for a particular space.

You might be wondering where is the perfect location to put your plants?

Potted plants are a great addition to an empty corner.  Just be sure that they are big enough to be seen over the furniture and, if next to a window or door, are proportionate with these features.

Plants are particularly good to use in bathrooms because they give them a sense of freshness and beauty. In a bathroom with good natural light, ferns do especially well.

And growing herbs on a well-lit windowsill near the kitchen is not only attractive but useful when it comes to preparing a meal.

Be aware that plants need different conditions to thrive, and choosing wisely from the start will avoid disappointment later.

One thing to be mindful of when choosing plants is that those with fragrance can overpower a small room. For most people that won't be a problem because the natural smell of flowers holds almost universal appeal, but there are always exceptions.

Plants look great all year round and if cared for properly can really lift your mood when the weather outside is foul.

But they do need some care. Cutting them back occasionally helps promote new growth and keeps them looking neat and tidy.

Many indoor plants are hardy but still need regular watering and feeding. Also, repot as they grow.

Here are 15 popular indoor plants you can choose from:

  1. Dumb cane
  2. Rubber plant
  3. Pin-stripe calathea
  4. Prayer plant
  5. Mother-in-law’s tongue
  6. Moth orchid
  7. Philodendron
  8. Swiss cheese plant
  9. Zanzibar gem
  10. Lady Palm
  11. Devil’s ivy
  12. Madonna Lily
  13. Zebra plant
  14. Bromeliad
  15. Anthurium
Seek advice from nursery staff about the sort of plants that might suit your requirements and you can start enjoying the benefits of a long-term plant rather than a short-lived bunch of flowers.
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